How To Protect Your Northwest Louisiana Business From A Data Breach?

Regardless of whether you own and operate a large corporation or a small business, data breaches are a growing risk across Northwest Louisiana. According to credit reports, there were 750 data breaches in the U.S. in 2015, which totaled to 178 million exposed records. With so many companies suffering financial losses and bankruptcy, one of your biggest responsibilities as a business owner is protecting your employees, clients and partners information.

Be sure that any unnecessary data – on paper or hard drives is correctly destroyed. If you use a standard office shredder, you will be limited in the amount of paper you can shred at a time. Also, small shredders will not shred through heavy items, such as CD-ROMs or hard drives. When you team up with Onsite Secure Shredding, which is a NAID Member, you will have peace of mind knowing all of your records are completely destroyed. Our technicians are trained to use the best document shredding technology available to destroy all of your confidential data, while following strict state and federal regulations.

Data breaches can happen at any time. For more information on how On-Site Secure Shredding can help protect your Shreveport, Bossier City and surrounding area businesses, call us today!

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